About the MapEdit

Maps help you go to different areas like Thornwood,

Cydonia Castle, Warmwood Trail etc.

You can capture and defeat Mogas as well as get quests from NPCs.


Sunshire MapEdit

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Sunshire is the beginner world in this world the mogas level is 1 to 20 is a exactly world to begin the magical aventure in this world the bosses are Winja,Paul,Electrotter,Cathulu,Spike and MomoEdit

level of the bosses

Winja:level 14(epic)

Spike:level 16(legendary)

Cathulu:level 13(uncommon)

Electrotter:level 15 or 13 (Rare)

Paul:level 15(rare)

secret bosses:the secret bosses are avaible when you can be complete all levels of all worlds and you can fight and capture with the 3 Robot bunnies the members are

Prototype Zero:level 7 or 17(legendary)

Metal-Ear:level 7 or 17(legendary)

Beaster:level 7 or 17(legendary)

this is the location of their secret mogas:

Prototype Zero:west Summer Road

Metal-Ear:Trollworthy Bridge

Beaster:Swirly Pier

Beginner AreasEdit

  • Home
  • West Summer Road
  • East Summer Road
  • Warmwood Trail
  • Summer Field
  • Shadowmire Edge
  • Miasma Depths
  • Shadowmire Bulwark
  • Darkwood
  • Mourningwood Pass
  • Oakford Shade
  • Darkwood Vault

Half Beginner & Half Intermediate AreasEdit

  • Mega Hole
  • Spiral Cave
  • Spiral Path
  • Spiral Road
  • Northside

Intermediate AreasEdit

  • Sandswirl Beach
  • Heavenly Greens Gate
  • Heavenly Greens Steps
  • Trollworthy Bridge
  • Windhym Roadway
  • Mangrove Shallows
  • Shellstone Beachfront
  • Shellstone Lighthouse
  • Bushfall
  • Swirly Dock
  • Swirly Pier
  • Sandswirl Shrubwalk
  • Sandswirl Point
  • Sandswirl Peninsula

Half Intermediate & Half Hard AreasEdit

  • Sandswirl Tidal Pool
  • Heavenly Greens Cemetery
  • The Rue Morgue
  • Windhym Flower Path
  • Windhym Gardens
  • Windhym Flowerpit
  • Gates of Windhym
  • Windhym Town Square
  • Gertrudes House
  • poLkoad

Hard AreasEdit

  • MadBeetch Rapids
  • Lombards Rafting Inc.

Half Hard & Half Very Hard AreasEdit

  • Cydonia Castle
  • Thornwood
  • Cortex Shell

Pueblonia MapEdit

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IN Pueblonia the monster levels are higher the begin level is lvl16Edit

the attacks of these monsters are find with Fine Grapple example:kick,fireball,jutsu attack, fallout(55,55,55,critical 523) the master of the grapples in Pueblonia is the final stage you are meet to Azurel or Tama

Azurel s level:lvl79(Legendary)

Tama level:lvl45(legendary)

Beginner AreasEdit

  • Go Home

Half Beginner & Half Intermediate AreasEdit

  • Titan Staircase
  • Electrotter Sound(electrotter S level is 66 in this stage the rare is legendary)
  • Fingerland Point
  • Cape Fang

Intermediate AreasEdit

  • Portal o' Ruins
  • Otterdam
  • Otto's House
  • Sinalta Plaza
  • Sinalta Field
  • Biting Coast
  • Sandshard Islet
  • Surf City

Half Intermediate & Half Hard Areas

  • Sanctuary Isle
  • Talonsweep Point
  • Citadel of Prophecy
  • Fatewater
  • Evergreen Terraces
  • Great Bazaar
  • Pueblonia City Gates