"Beefees look not unlike adorable baby cows, but don't let their nonthreatening appearance fool you: they become quite hostile when cornered, and aren't afraid to stomp their foes into oblivion with their darling little hooves."



Beefee is a trainer Moga from the Taurus star sign. It's a trainer which means it will always be 100% chance when catching it. Its name is also a pun of "beefy". This is part of a quest where Nova requests you to capture one. As said above, there's really no need to weaken it, so just throw a star seed. It's found at West Summer Road. It is a Tank type, which means it is focused more on defense than attack.

Location: Beefee can be found when you first start monster galaxy on West Summer Road but after the tutorial it can be rarely found there.They can be found also on Heavenly Greens Cementary and Windhym Southshire

Evolution Requirements

Evolution Potions: 6

Evolves Into: Toro


  • Beefee are basicly based on the meat product that comes after the cows, 'beef'.


Beefee captured

Beefee Icon