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Minhhien618 Minhhien618 18 December 2019


If anyone is still here, do you miss the game Monster Galaxy?

It was the game of my childhood... now I found it again and decided to play it again but it's dead...

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LunarFan LunarFan 29 August 2014

Your Favourite Moga

What is your favourite moga? Tell me why is your favourite.

My Favourite Moga: Jet

Reason: Because i find it cute to me and I like it's color on the fur :P

Cya later, Moga Tamers ;)

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Jeremiahcoja Jeremiahcoja 7 December 2013


hahah :) ☺

):u P
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TheFuzz00 TheFuzz00 17 December 2012


MG is abandoned, the Wiki is abandoned. I don't want responsibilty for this trashpile. All I would be doing is cleaning up other peoples messes, spam, and vandalism. Even Gaia, the creators of the game, don't have enough of an attention span to keep up with the game, then I'm not going to put in the effort either. I'd rather be elsewhere where my hard work is actually appreciated.

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TheFuzz00 TheFuzz00 16 December 2012

Is the wiki dead?

As in, do we still have active mods? If so, could I be upgraded to mod status? I would love to add a custom theme for the wiki and make it look, you know, like a Monster Galaxy wiki, not this terrible general theme.

Also, @MarrylLuna, if you're going to make/upload new infoboxes for the Mogas, at least delete the old ones first. We don't need two, and half yours are just thrown in at random on the page and mess up the flow. Personally, I like the way our existing ones look; they have all the nesesary information and nothing useless like "Physiological look-alike(s)". Sorry to discount your hard work, but I'm going to remove them if you don't. I'll leave them if we don't have an old version of the infobox for that Moga, but running in here an…

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Calebson Calebson 28 June 2012

Just the wikia

Just helping the wikia, not actually going to play monster galaxy, I think i have enough experience and enough knowledge about how articles should look. Planning to add a lot more pages.

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AeroLoko2857 AeroLoko2857 26 February 2012

Do you

have the Zodiac Islands version?

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Dangofangos Dangofangos 17 February 2012

New here

Hi everyone. I'm new here, but i will try to help expand this wiki. I hope that my english isn't so bad.

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CattailsWelove CattailsWelove 30 September 2011

Umm... Some help?

Hi! I'm CattailsWelove. I'm here to ask some of you HELPFUL contributors to help me out on Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands Wiki. But there are things you need to know:

  • Mogas on Zodiac Islands are DIFFERENT than the ones from Facebook, but some of them remains in the game.
  • Catch Rates are DIFFERENT than the ones on Facebook version
  • Do NOT show off and comment about stuff like Mogas you've caught.
  • Do NOT post something NOT about Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands
  • The map of Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands is DIFFERENT than the one from facebook.
  • In order to contribute there, you must have Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands.

Link :

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CattailsWelove CattailsWelove 10 March 2011

My cool mogas and where I got em.

I have about 8 epic mogas and 6 legendary mogas.

Coyolt : Rouges Rendevous or whatever that ship is called. * Caught It *

Winja : Thornwood , Rue Morgue, Heavenly greens cemetary* Caught It *

Tiano : Between Sandsink and Sandtown* Caught it *

Orbz : Between Ahabs Abyss and mangrove shallows * Caught it *

Staryak and Messi: The place where you'll always find sheep mogas * Caught em both *

Unitaur : Anywhere in the desert until you reach biting coast. * Caught it *

Melodee : Near Windhym * Caught it *

Zeppelin : Titan's Staircase * Caught it *

Pudgy : At the Shadowmire areas

Syrene : Swirly dump

Zeit : Saltspawn Pool * Caught it *

Cactoo : At desert areas

Plasmians , Lumo and Leon : Lapis forest. Luzili's grove , lapis forest and greensteps. ( Caught pla…

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Masters of Halloween Masters of Halloween 25 February 2011

Front Page Layout

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for a front page layout.

Thinking of adding a Official News box, but not sure. What do you guys think?

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