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"The elusive Jackalope combines the best features of the Antelope and the Jackrabbit. The fact that its name sounds like a combination of the two is just a coincidence."

-- MogaDex, Monster Galaxy


Jackalope was released on April 21st 2011 for Easter celebreation. Besides Jackalope, Devibun and Four robo-bunnies (Friedrich, Prototype Zero, Beaster, Metal-ear) are also added for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Its devilish appearance assembles that of Devibun, but is more elegant with fully grown black wings and antelope horns. Jacklope is really a rare Moga to your team. Join the Easter Egg Hunt and catch one, tamers!

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  • Breed: Leo
  • Rarity: epic


Physical Attacks

  • Bodyslam
  • Piledriver 80%, 15% CT rate (leveled)

Zodiac Attacks

  • Fly-By-Night

thumb|300px|Jackalope Fly-By-Night

  • Flicker Flame 90%, 35% CT rate (leveled)

Special Attack

  • Precision (Increased chance of scoring more Critical Hits)

Random Ability

  • Healing Shield (Increases your chance recovering HP back when you get attacked)


west summer road Jackalope


About the quest

  • You need to catch a Devibun prior to receive the Jackalope quests. The Jacklope quests include two phases, and in the first phase you need to collect 100 easter eggs.
  • The level of a Jacklope equals the highest level in your team with a upper limit of 20.

Easter Egg Patterns

15 pluses 100 eggs isn't a small amount, turn to your friends for help and accelerate your pace!

easter egg pattern 1

easter egg pattern 6

easter egg pattern 2

easter egg pattern 7

easter egg pattern 3

easter egg pattern 8

easter egg pattern 4

easter egg pattern 9

easter egg pattern 5

easter egg pattern 10

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