Lainedeer, like Coldbear, is a moga that can only be obtained by Jack Frost's special winter quests. It will appear in any area for complete quest capture hammerdog to teleport to southshire bridge for a battle, and its capture rate is galaxi.

It's attack is 3.5 stars and it's defense is also 3.5 stars.

"The rarely-glimpsed Lainedeer is among nature's most elusive and majestic creatures. Its awe-inspiring celestial markings are a testament to its zodiac origins, and its icy antlers remind us of the wintry climes it inhabits. The Lainedeer is as deadly as it is beautiful, making it a prized catch among the greatest tamers." - Moga Dex


  • Capricorn


Normal AttackEdit

  • Punch
  • Uppercut (upgraded)

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Missile Toe
  • Slaying Song (upgraded)

Special AttackEdit

  • Regenerate


  • Anyway ( for a complete quest capture hammerdog and capture laineder teleport to southshire bridge for a battle ) 


  • Lainedeer's level when you encounter it will be equal to the highest level moga in your current party.
  • Lainedeer could only be caught in the 2010-2011 winter event.