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Maximum capturing rate for

Mogas at 1 HP: 4

all of mogas capture is 100%

In the advanced section of the mogadex there is one legendary for each zodiac sign, apart from sagitarius, which has two legendaries and scorpio which has none. The list here shows all the legendaries that you find in THAT section.

Legendary Mogas



Traditionally kept by kings, the Spike's fiery individualistic spirit makes it a challenge for 'any tamer...

Location :Cydonia Castle, Cortex Shell

Zodiac: Aries

Rarity: Legendary



sheds its scale-like armor for a carapace of pure rock and veins that run with lava when it evolves into Igneon.

- Mogadex Entry

Sign: Gemini

Class: Balanced

Attack; 99

Defense: 99

Rarity: Legendary

Location: Evolves From Tiano.

Evolution Tiano > Igneon


A rare hybrid, Diabao combines the splendor of a light imp with the devillesh atitude of a dark imp.'

Diabao by piratewolfie-d39un1s.jpg

Location : Lobster Tornado

Zodiac : Gemini

Rarity : Legendary



Weatars are the ne'er-do-wells of the Moga world, often running with bad crowds and engaging in antisocial activity.

-Mogadex Entry

Sign: Scorpio

Rarity: Legendary

Location: none (an event from April 4-6, 2011, where you could buy Weatar for 50 Moga Cash.)



Physical Attack: Punch Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut

Name Seraph




Attack:4 stars  

Defense:4 stars

Rarity: Legendary

Location:Limited time cash moga onlythumb|link=

Although Leons are regarded as the kings of the jungle, '''most are didicated to embracing democratic forms.

Location : Greensteps, Adventure Island,Lapis Forest,Cerulean Pond,Mussels Shoals,Jade Copse,Green Mile,

Zodiac : Leo

Rarity Legendary


thumb|290px|link= Tama's cuteness hides a deadly secret: beneath its outer coat of fur lies an even cuter layer of wooly underpelt. Well ,maybe not deadly...

-Mogadex Entry

Location : Titans Staircase, Electrotter Sound, Fingerland Point, Cape Fang

Zodiac : Virgo

Rarity : Legendary


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Zodiac : Libra

Rarity :Legendary

Sign :


Hanzos are expert warriors, skilled in a wide array of martial arts th'at they combine on the fly.

Location:Cortex Shell

Zodiac :Sagittarius 

  • Rarity : Legendary


Plasmians are graceful creatures and not by nature violent. They are extremely long-lived and loyal.

Location : Adventure Island,Lapis Forest, Lazuli Grove, Cerulean Pond


Zodiac : Capricorn

Rarity : Legendary


It is the first legendary to be granted an evolution, and so can evolve into a Plasmadon when you have five of them and enough evolution potions.


"When Legendary plasma filled Mogas fuse together, you something awesome is coming, and a Plasmadon is totally awesome."

-Mogadex Entry

Sign: Capricorn

Class: Balanced

Attack: 4

Defense: 4

Rarity: Legendary

Location: Evolves from Plasmian


Little is known about Peepee, other than that they whistle a lot thumb|link=File:189832_205784636104780_129748227041755_895180_7228783_n.jpg

and are extremely shy.

Design is based on PuPu from the Final Fantasy series.

Location : Otterdam, Citadel Entrance, Reeking Flats, Saltspawn Pool,Rankwallow, Ahabs Abyss, Cortex Shell

Zodiac : Pisces

Rarity : Legendary

Phisical Attack: Uppercut

Zodiac-Attack: Stream

Special attack: Diesase


Mogadex : Momos have fearlessly forsaken their native habitat to plumb the depths of the sea.

Sign: Pisces




Physical Attack: Kick Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Z-Attack: Upgraded Z-Attack: Waterlogged

Special Ability: Regenerate

Location: - Zodiac Rodeo (after winning the team battle)

Black Gold

Black Gold is one of the most ancient mogas. Only the chosen few can tame this majestic creature.

This highly prized moga is available at Lobster Tornado once you manage to finish Nova's capturing quests. For more info on these quests go to the page "Black Gold" You will need to be at least level 20 to be able to capture it.

Black Gold.png

Sign: Sagittarius

Rarity: Legendary

Location: Lobster Tornado