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captcer messi at dasay hill

These shaggy-haired Mogas are gifted footballers displaying excellent paw-work and keen vision.

Zodiac':' Leo

Rarity': Super Rare

Location: == Spiral Path, Spiral Road, Northside


Physical Attack: Punch

'Upgraded Physical Attack: Uppercut '

String Catch


"These shaggy-haired Mogas are gifted footballers, displaying excellent paw-work and keen vision. They may not be the biggest Mogas out here, but they know how to put up a fight and show no fear on the battlefield."

Messi are Super-Rare Moga. The max. percentage of catch rate is 19%. They are miniature lions, with a brown mane, a medal and an Argentinian Soccer jersey with a number 10 on its back. Its abilities are Punch, String Catch, and Confuse. These are most likely inspired on the Argentinian Soccer Player Lionel Messi.

Location :

  • Spiral Path
  • Spiral Road
  • Northside


Messi is a Striker Moga his Attack is more than his defense.