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Moga from left to right: Gryph, Huey, Hanzo, Mimple, Heart and Radiojack

Moga are one of the most essential factors of Monster Galaxy. They are creatures that share similarities with Pokemon and each have 4 special abilities.


The first is a physical attack: an attack that deals basic damage, that can be used 15 times without resting. This attack usually has 85% chance of hit. The second is a special attack, with various effects for different moga. The third is a zodiac attack, in which the damage alters between opponents. For example, Gemini deal 2 x more to a Leo Moga, and 2 x less to a Scorpio Moga. This attack usually has 90% chance of hit. The last is a bonus attack, in which a friend helps you and deals damage that never misses. This attack, however, needs a "whistle ", which can be obtained via your tree of other friends. This attack also doesn't count as a turn, which is another benefit. Statistics and Level

Moga also have a base number of stats out of 5 to start with to help you decide which one suits you better. They level up by gaining XP, which are obtained by attacking and not being knocked out. Higher leveled moga need more XP to level up. The amount of Moga you own also makes you better than your friends if you have more.