Nar is a very strong moga, It looks scary and deadly as it looks,but it is an powerful addition to any team. If you wish they had a critical hit it will really happen with them on powerful moga tamers.

Nars are cool fighters. Some of your 'friends will like to have this, it's not easy to catch but you must have bigger and stronger fighters.

They leveled up as level 7 to have a low defense,but when they attack they're still powerful attackers.

All might want to say that Nar wants to fight with their enemies. They will surely run after hitted by a critical hit and their health are getting low.

If you got 9 Nar you will surely have a strong team.

ScreenHunter 13 Feb 16 19 31 Nar

All Nar can attack powerful ones. Like when they grow Lv. 22 they will surely have a low defense.

You can see their skully faces and sharp body. It looks scary but powerful.

Zodiac: Scorpion

Class: Striker

Rarity: Beginner


Physical Attack: Bodyslam / Piledriver

Zodiac Attack: Claw Crusher / Pincher Panic

Special Ability: Zodiac Vulneablity

Random Ability: Shield of Thorns


  • Mega Hole
  • Lightsfall
  • Daydusk