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Owlreed is an Aquarius Moga. He is introduced after you get all five chocolates back from defeating the Wasabees in a quest from Lyle. Owlreed is common and appears in Shadowmire Edge, Miasma Depths, Shadowmire Bulwark, Darkwood, Mourningwood Pass, and Darkwood Vault. His official MogaDex description is as follows:

"Owlreed have a voracious appetite when it comes to books, and are known to have eaten as many as 3 in a week. When not eating, Owlreeds enjoy long night flights and the occasional rumpus with the other woodland Mogas."


Oakford Shade

Shadowmire Edge

Miasma Depths

Shadowmire Bulwark

Darkwood Vault

It also evolves into Shadowstar with Evolution Potions.MU