A Peafyx

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Description: This clever fox has adopted a peacock costume to trick larger predators into leaving it alone. 

Peafyx is of the Taurus zodiac and one of the three Taurus starters, along with Tauron and Booly, you can pick at the beginning of the game.

Location Edit

Pc version: Darkwood, Shadowmire bulwark, Windhym Southshire

Evolution Edit

Evolves to Volpeo

Rarity Edit


Skills of Peafyx Edit

Class: Striker

Physical attack: Kick

Upgraded physical attack: Roundhouse

Zodiac attack: Fox paw

Upgraded zodiac attack: Clever feint (chance of Fast feet)

Ability: Zodiac strength

Etymology Edit

  • The Peafyx is both created as both peacock and a lynx or fox. as the luxurious mane and fluffy tail are based on peacock's feathers'.

Info Edit

Peafyx is pretty good in Taurus standards but will become a great companion later on in the game. Despite its status being common, Peafyx is hard to find in Darkwood.