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You'll meet this tortured soul in the Heavenly Greens Cemetery. Poe loves the idea of being in love--even if his darling doesn't return his affection, he's happy just to pine for her. His aching heart fuels his poetry, which will torture your soul, too, if you have to listen to it.

His looks match where you will meet him. His clothing is more purple-ish with black and blue. His name is a reference to famous author Edgar Allen Poe, not to mention the fact they both write about creepy stuff, like ravens and ghosts. Skylar also asks you to

an angry poe

get a poem for his mom from Poe.

Quest: Talk to Poe


  • Poe is a reference to the writer Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Poe's raven is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven".
  • Poe's girlfriend Lenore is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Lenore".