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Pwee is a Dragon or Dinosaur like moga that has a purple skull symbol on its belly.

Pwee are very friendly, but have a tendency to barf fire when hungry, upset or excited.

Pwee can be found at Spiral Cave or Mega Hole. Pwee is an uncommon monster


Zodiac: Cancer

Class: Balanced

Rarity: Uncommon


Physical Attack:Edit

  • Punch
  • Uppercut (lvl 20+)

Zodiac Attack:Edit

  • Flametongue
  • Firebreath (lv 20+)

Special Ability:Edit

  • Weakness

Random Ability:Edit

  • Zodiac Armor


  • Mega Hole
  • Lightsfall (Spiral Cave)


  • The name Pwee comes from a creature that is named Gwee in Gaiaonline which looks just like Pwee exept that they do not have the skull on its belly.
  • It is probably a Dragon since it says it barfs fire.
  • Its wing are not attached to its body but just floating really close.