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Radiojack is a Leo Moga. It is a starter as well as Titus and Umbranine. It looks something similar to a pirate bat. It's official MogaDex entry is as follows:

"Radiojacks have ten times the normal amount of attitude per cubic foot, making piracy or prison pretty much its only career options. Now they act like the sarcastic scourge of the open sea, fearlessly stepping on toes and mocking anyone who gets in their way."


Zodiac: Leo

Class: Balanced

Rarity: Uncommon


Physical Attack

  • Bodyslam
  • Piledriver (upgraded)

Zodiac Attack

  • Buffet (upgraded)

Special Ability

  • Blind

Random Ability

  • Poison


  • Pueblonia City Gates
  • Great Bazaar
  • Super Bazaar
  • starter

On Gaiaonline

Radiojack is the pet of a rich shopkeeper named Brennivin who owns a big flying castle/shop called "Dernier Cri." Although, his name is Radio Jack instead of Radiojack on Gaiaonline.