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Tama's Cuteness hides a deadly secret: beneath its outer coat of fur lies an even cuter layer of wooly under-pelt. Well, maybe not "deadly" you can capture him in titan staircase and electroter sound

-- Mogadex, Monster Galaxy

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  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Rarity: Legendary (Beyond Epic)
  • Tama can be very hard to be captured by newbies because of its life-stealing ability and Legendary rarity. If you want to capture one of these guy, remember to bring more whistles, or also monsters with the ability to apply confuse to it. Bringing Yara or Chanho is an advisable choice, by giving themselves Happy Feet, which can stop Tama from draining life.


  • Punch (1-3)
  • Uppercut (leveled)

Zodiac Attacks

  • Spirit Tap (1-3)
  • Vanishing Form (leveled)

Special Attack

Vampire Embrace

Random Ability



  • Titans Staircase
  • Electrotter Sound
  • Fingerland Point
  • Cape Fang