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"Vuvus have a passion for world cultures, especially death rituals. They could be always found wearing some sort of death mask. The constant use of disguises has lead many to believe that Vuvus have hideous faces, which they do."
Class Balanced
Attack Star.png
Defense Star.png
Rarity Beginner

 Vuvu is an unusual undead goat-like skeleton that has a weird personality. At night, they can be seen biting off some of sheep's wools while dragging it by it's cave-like nest.


A Vuvu may seem like an undead goat or something else in the Capra family, their faces are hidden only by the skull they wear. They have short feet which they are either quadruped or bipedal form of body. A slightly medium long tail like a cow's tail with red brush-like tip. Their body are most furry and a bit crimson-auburn in color. Since they wear a goat-like skull, their face are totally disclassified to the public eyes. The skull they wear looks round like a human skull, but has drill-like pair of purple horns. By the forehead of the skull, there is a small oval-shaped red gem(possibly ruby). By the part of the 'eye holes', there is a green swirly shaped irises. The nasal part of the skull is heart-shaped which is literally upside down. Also, the skull they wear has some cracks by the tip of the right 'eye hole' and above it from the red gem on the forehead.

Sign Aries.png
Rarity Beginner
Evolution Olerk
Pre-evolution None
Attack Novice Picture1.png
Defense Novice Picture1.png
Class Balanced
Attribute Fire
Presumable Nature Giggly, Quiet
Base Family Capra 'C.a hircus' (Skeleton)
Physiological look-alike(s) Uncategorized


  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Rarity: Beginner


  • Heavenly Greens Steps
  • Heavenly Greens Cemetery
  • Cydonia Castle
  • The Rue Morgue

Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands- Able to be caught at Ram's Landing on Aries Island.


Normal Attacks

  • Headbutt

Zodiac Attack

  • Spin Kick (Lv.1-Lv.14)
  • Helicopter Kick (Lv.15 +)

Special Attack

  • Armor