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art of the Libra Horoscope can be found at Thornwood during Poe's quest, it can also be find it at Thornwood after Poe's quest, at Blackglow in Spiral Cave or Heavenly Greens Cemetery. I've heard there might have been sightings of winjas somewhere in Pueblonia, but I just dont know about that. Thank you, whoever wrote wrote this. Yes. You can find Winjas in Puebolonia. You know the quest that you have to save bruno, right? Well, if you go to otto's house the stage before (i cant see the name beacuse i got a K.O. by the Winja Just now when i write this) Winja will be there. Not all the time its like a 75% chance i saw an ikki there like 5% chance and another one 20%.But don't loose your hopes,try and try at the same point.

Winjas have a face-like pattern on their inner wings, which they flash to disorient and frighten victims. Attacks Normal Attacks :

  • Punch

Zodiac Raised PHY:

  • Uppercut (lv 30+)

Zodiac Attacks :

  • Dark Swoop

Zodiac Raised ZDC:

  • Silent Stalking (lv 20+)

Special Attacks :

  •   Regrowth

Random Ability :

  • Clumsy

Note: i think the only maximum chance you have to catch winja is 9%, i spent 3 starseeds on him and did'nt catch him.

Note: Winjas are very annoying with their regrowth, Sometimes when you have maximum chance he will use it and then you will have less chance because he rehealed, i prefer using mogas that can put on blind or life tap, but it you like hardness pick something else.

Note: Winja are actually leo zodiac which is why he is 2x less against pisces and have a fire zodiac attack instead of wind.


it evolves to Shadowstrike (you need 4 Winjas to evolve)


  • Thornwood (15lv)
  • Otterdam (18lv)
  • Blackglow (Spiral Cave) (9lv)
  • Lazuli Groove (30lv)
  • Puebolonia