Aries Woolf Aries
"Because of the Woolf's huge, gaping mouth, smaller Mogas sometimes survive its attack by leaping inside and hiding until the Woolf forgets about them."
Class Striker
Attack StarStarStarStar
Defense StarStar
Rarity Super Rare

Woolf is based off of the phrase 'a wolf in sheep's clothing', meaning a person who seems very nice at first glance, but is actually mean and selfish.


Woolf's torso is white and wooly, while its legs are dark grey and canine in appearance. Its head is black with small white eyes, and its shape bears resemblance to a bear trap. It also has gold spiral horns, like those of a ram. It appears to have small pink gems on the tops of its front legs that seem to serve the same purpose as armor. Its tail is very thin, in contrast to that of an actual wolf's tail, but with an orb of strong pink light emmiting from the tip.

Sign Aries
Rarity Super Rare
Evolution Scenewolf
Pre-evolution None
Attack Exceeder Picture1 Picture1 Picture1 Picture1
Defense Trainee Picture1 Picture1
Class Striker
Attribute Earth
Presumable Nature Mysterious, Grumpy, Envious or Spiteful
Base Family C. lupus and O.aries
Physiological look-alike(s) Uncategorised


  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Rarity: Super Rare


  • Spiral Cave: Daydusk, Lightless Bend
  • Heavenly Greens Gate
  • Southshire Bridge
  • The Rue Morgue
  • cerulean pond

Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands- Able to be caught at Bull's Lighthouse on Taurus Island.


Physical AttackEdit

  • Punch / Uppercut

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Sonic Bark / Acoustic Growl

Special AttackEdit

  • Poison Trap

Notes Edit


  • Woolf"s name is a combination of the words 'wool' and 'wolf'.
Evolves into Scenewolf.